LouisvilleWholesaleHouses.com suggests SurePoint Equity as a local lender. SurePoint Equity is an Louisville based firm that has years of experience in the lending industry. They provide funding for residential renovation loans within the Louisville Metro area. They understand the unique needs of investors flipping real estate. They are committed to delivering the speed, service and products needed for you to win more deals and grow your business. Because they don’t qualify investors like banks, If the deal makes sense, they will make it happen! The property is their security.

Their members consist of 3 prior mortgage executives from a nationally ranked lender.  Each team member has over 20 years of residential lending experience and a strong background in building and developing a platform to deliver impeccable service and quality standards.

Here’s some FAQ’s about SurePoint

What type of loan products do you offer?
They provide real estate investors with short term financing for non-owner occupied residential renovation loans.  Simply said, we fund flips.

What are your rates?
Typically, you will find their rates to be higher than traditional bank financing, but lower than most hard money lenders. Since they are not a bank, they require less money down so you can keep your cash to do more deals.  they don’t qualify investors like a bank.  If it makes sense, we’ll make it happen.  They don’t have minimum credit score, asset or income requirements.  They will look at your individual scenario and quickly quote a rate for you.

What are your fees?
They have $0 fees to apply.  Like their rates, their fees are determined on a case by case basis.  They can quickly look at your individual scenario and quote your exact loan terms.  Most of their fees are charged when you sell your FLIP, so they don’t get paid until you get paid.

Do you finance improvement costs for the renovation?
Yes.  They finance up to 100% of your improvement costs in addition to 90% of the purchase price.

What is your Loan Term?
They provide short term financing, so all loan terms are 12 months.

Do you lend to individuals?
No.  They are not a bank or a regulated financial institution. Therefore, they only lend to Business Entities.

Do I make monthly payments?
As long as your loan pays off within 6 months, $0 payments are due.  If your loan goes beyond six months, they start to collect interest only payments.

What do I need to qualify?
They don’t qualify investors like a bank.  If it makes sense, they’ll make it happen. They don’t have minimum credit score, asset or income requirements.  They underwrite primarily on the experience of the investor and the subject property.

Step #1 –  Call SurePoint  888-445-FLIP or FLIP@surepointequity.com

Step #2 – They’ll send you a checklist of items needed and a link to securely upload your documents

Step #3 – They’ll contact you within 24 hours of receiving information with your loan approval details

Step #4 – Go Win the Deal! Closings as fast as 3-5 days


  Jordan Pohn | Member

Private Lending for Real Estate Investors


502.445.1011 (M)

502.205.9424 (O)

8001 Lyndon Centre Way

Suite 101

Louisville, KY 40222