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Wholesale Houses in Louisville

Looking to pick up some more real estate investment properties in Louisville, KY for your portfolio? Or, are you looking for a great deal on a cheap house to live in, Louisville, KY is a great place to buy real estate.

We routinely work with real estate investors with all kinds of experience, from buying their first single family rental property to working with hedge funds who own thousands of doors. Louisville wholesale houses has the experience and team to get it done. Check out our (RE)source page for more info.

Are you new to real estate investing in the Louisville, KY area? If so, check our our (RE)sources. It will help you find the right people and information to help you on your journey. Many investors calls us looking for investment properties in Louisville. We get calls weekly from investors all over the world who are looking to buy rental properties, flips, and other types of investment properties in Louisville.

Louisville, Kentucky is a great area to buy investment properties, here are a few reasons that we see investors looking for wholesale deals…

Great Jobs (UPS, Humana, Ford, GE, and more). Central location in USA(close to many cities). Cheap housing (purchase/rent ratio), and appreciation.

Louisville Wholesale Houses is a real estate investing company. We are full-time real estate investors in Louisville, Kentucky and specialize in finding those hidden house deals that you normally only hear about… usually at 40-50% off retail value. We also buy rental properties in the Louisville, KY area.

With our proprietary marketing systems we find the best properties in foreclosure, bank owned foreclosures, Louisville investment properties for sale, handyman deals, fixer uppersdiscount homes, distressed property, and buy them at great win-win prices for both us and the home seller. We then pass these real estate deals along to our VIP buyers who are looking for great investment properties or for just a great house to live in. Do you need to sell a property? Let us know that too, we are always buying.

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Once we secure a new property that fits our criteria, we immediately notify our VIP Buyers of the deal. First we notify those who have provided us with specific information on the types of properties they’re looking for (tell us what you’re looking for here →) then we notify those buyers on the VIP Buyers email list.

Because of the excellent investment property buying opportunity in today’s real estate market we add new Louisville investment properties that are far below market value to our list weekly… and they tend to get snatched up extremely quickly. We typically text our VIP buyers and give them “first opportunity” on the deal, then send it to our wholesale buyer list.

We track all the most active real estate investor zip codes in the Louisville area. We are actively looking to see where buyers are investing and what kind of investments are being made. We have a pdf file of all the zip codes and descriptions of those zip codes available to download HERE.

So, if you are actively looking for deals in Louisville, Kentucky and you are you interested in getting on the Louisville wholesale houses VIP Buyers list (it’s free!). You can sign up to be notified of each new discount home or investment property available. Excellent!

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